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Sheena Lee - Destiny ft. Andy Mineo

My debut album 'DESTINY' is available on iTunes[] is a reflection of my journey in ministry and life experience, drawing upon various musical influences. This song which is the title track to my album features @andymineo

This song is suppose to be an anthem to those who have wanted to give up at one time or another (like me) because they got discouraged or got caught up in ministry where they lost site of why they were doing it or who they were doing it for. It is easy to sometimes get caught up when you have so much on your plate, but be encouraged because the song is saying that God has a purpose and perfect plan for your life. As long as you trust in Him and believe that you can be whoever He has called or created you to be despite your circumstance and whatever you have gone through. You have to surrender and give it up to Him. Then you realize at the end of the day that it's not about you and you are made stronger in Him. The gift or gifts that He has given you are for His glory alone... At the end chanting "I got it now" is you believing and declaring that you have a destiny that is only found in Jesus. Amen

This is my destiny/ Believing that I can be/ All that He wants of me/ I got it now
I was too busy to see what was ahead of me ::Gotta put my focus right on you:: Forgetting to feed my soul with what I really need/ Failing to seek the face of my fatha ::Ooh ooh I'm running back to you:: He revealed my troubled heart to me ::yeah::
My work, my drive, my efforts to live/ My goals, my time, not mine it's His ::Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah:: I'm a slave, surrendered to freedom/ Captured in Christ, I Got it Now!
This is my DESTINY/ Believing that I can be/ All that He wants of me/ I got it now!/ This is my DESTINY/ It's not about me/ All for His Glory/ I got it now!
More of me is fading as I pray/ Lookin more like Jesus is where i'm headed today/ Come come wit me if you wanna theres gonna be pain boy/But I know it's leading me to joy ::uhoh:: His glory for my good/ It's His story it's understood/ It's never been about me ::naw:: Lord i'm runnin towards you
::Alright, ok ugh:: Ok I get it now/ Life aint what it seems/ It aint an ends in itself/ Broski it's but a means/ Let me tell ya what I mean/ If you thinkin that it's all about mwa/ Naw you sadly mistaken/ Let me tell ya why/ Cuz we born and then we die/ But i'ma live on so mama don't cry/ Jesus came and conquered the grave/ So I know my place is up in the sky/ By His blood we clean the failures of our past behind us/ No longer chasin dreams we seeds of promise ::yeah!::
I got it I I I got it now!(8x)

Destiny ft. Andy Mineo @andymineo
Lyrics by: David Ham & Andy Mineo
Produced by: Andy Mineo
Directed by: Will Thomas @spacecherryfilm"

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