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Soul Deep Records in association with Seventhwire Films & Readyback Records presents Rawsrvnt "The Almighty" feat. St. Matthew Music Video (Radio Version)

Rawsrvnt "The Almighty" feat. St. Matthew Music Video (Radio Version) - Directed by: Seventhwire Films. (P) (C) 2011 Soul Deep Records, a division of Soul Deep Ministries. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

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The Almighty feat. St. Matthew
Lyrics by: Eddy Puyol & Matthew Golding
Music by: Chuck Hemann
Performed by: Rawsrvnt & St. Matthew
Background Vocals by: Rawsrvnt, St. Matthew & Conishia Latson
Additional Background Vocals by: Lisa McClendon
Guitar by: Steve Siciliano & Dan Carroll
Additional Guitar by: Chuck Hemann & Brian Cain
Organ by: Shaun Dash
Synths by: Chuck Hemann
Bass by: Joshua Esther
Drums & Programming by: Chuck Hemann
Produced by: Chuck Hemann
Co-Produced by: Eddy Puyol
Published by: Rawsrvnt Music (BMI)
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: Chuck Hemann at Palm Beach Sound Studios, West Palm Beach, FL
© 2011 Soul Deep Records, a division of Soul Deep Ministries

"The Almighty" contains a sample from "Breathe" feat. Lisa McClendon by Rawsrvnt. Published by Rawsrvnt Music (BMI). Admin. by Soul Deep Ministries. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

*St. Matthew appears courtesy of Readyback Records

The Almighty I-I-I-I / I'll worship 'til the day I die / And then in eternal life / I'll still worship the Most High / The Almighty I-I-I-I / Who saved me and gave me life / I'll worship You Lord / I'll worship You Lord / I'll worship You Lord

(Verse 1)
O Jesus You know / Jesus You know how I feel / Everything about You Lord / Is so real / O You alone my Friend / Have loved me forever / Your love has no end / So I stretch out my hand / And worship You Father / And thank You my Friend / O You already know / I'll love You forever / Like forever more / Your love has endured / Through all persecutions and hardships and storms / So whom shall I fear / Your loves always with me and conquered my fears / I'll shed no tears / I'll just worship You Father for years and years

(St. Matthew)
Gotta keep on praising His name / Serving Him all a we days


(Verse 2)
(St. Matthew)
Got to give You praises while I'm alive yes / Without You Father we can't survive this / Jungle full of cobras and plants weh have poison yes / Christ protect me from the vultures weh eyes me / Affi multiply His praise can't divide it / After all the Most High come and died for me / Rise for me / Three days from the grave for I to be / Able fi tell you why Him faithful / Nah guh fail you / So keep your head up high and serve God / Nuh mek dem say you can't praise Jah / Jesus Christ Him reign forever / St. Matthew and Rawsrvnt a say yo / Your word is forever true / So I'ma keep loving You / Yo, yo / Father God me love You can't lose / Lose yeah


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