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James Fortune & FIYA - Hold On (feat. Monica & Fred Hammond) (MUSIC VIDEO)

Sophomore single from the IDENTITY album on Light Records/eOne Music. Features the hot vocals of Monica and Fred Hammond.

Hold On

Writers: James Fortune, Cheryl Fortune, Terence Vaughn

Lead Vocals: Monica Brown, Fred Hammond

Vs 1

I know you're praying for a change

To see a sunny day

Nothing good has come your way for so long

You need someone to understand this place your heart is in

You just want to dream again and believe

Pre Chorus

Your skies may look dim and grey

But know your breakthrough's not far away


So hold on

You are too close to give up now

You have so much to live for

Remember what you prayed for

Hold on, please don't let go in this season

Know that flowers bloom when rain falls

You just hold on

Vs 2

You ask when will this go away

Know that God can feel your pain

Believe He'll never fall short of His word

Sometimes we forget that He holds us His hands

But I'm reminding you don't give up

Pre Chorus



I've been where you are

Almost at the breaking point in my life

I know you say it's impossible

But you've got to hang on cause it's just about over

Vs 3

All of your dreams

All of your desires are coming to pass

So I'm telling you don't lose your faith

Hold on to His word don't give up

Pre Chorus



Never let go (4x)

You are too close now"

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