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Gideonz Army ~

**DISCLAIMER** THIS SONG/VIDEO IS NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM INTENDED TO GLORIFY MONEY, DIAMONDS, OR ANY OTHER MATERIAL ITEM. WE ARE YOUNG, SOLD OUT CHRISTIANS AND PROUD OF IT. WE REPRESENT THE CHRIST AND AREN'T AFRAID TO PROCLAIM IT! IF YOU ARE A "TOO DEEP" "JUDGMENTAL" OR "RELIGIOUS" CHRISTIAN, THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!! Gideonz Army releases the video for "Jesus Piece", the first single from their soon to come, Sophomore album entitled "MAINSTREAM"!! You can download this single on iTunes today with the link below."

Lacrae Gideonz Army GA Jesus Piece Jesus Peace How to love remix That's Dem canton jones cajo Atlanta Rap Lil Wayne drake Nikki Minaj YMCMB hip hop bet Christian Rap

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