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Ashleigh Nickole

Let it Go
Ashleigh Nickole
Director: IV of T.W.B.G & Gavin King
Album: One Freedom
The Writers Block Music Group
G.H. King FIlms
AshNic Music

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I'll be the first to tell you
That I don't get everything right
When I look at mistakes I've made
I realize they're all a part of life
I used to get discouraged
Thinking my best just wasn't good enough
But you took all of my insecurities
And replaced them with your love

I gotta keep running this race,
(I know you got me)
Can't let nothing get in my way, (can't nothing stop me)
Gotta keep on pressing to the finish line
Because the victory is already mine

I'm not the same way I used to to be
Since I met Jesus and let him take control of me
I know my life has been renewed
No longer for me, now I live for you

Now I'm walking with my head held high
I had to tell my past goodbye
I gotta let the whole world know
In you I put my trust so I had to let it go
Yes I had to let it go!

go, go, go, go (4x)
I had to let it go (2x)

What tried to break me it made me stronger
Yea it use to keep me down now I stand taller
Can't get caught up in what I see
You've overcome the world
And greater is he that's in me
I'm never gonna give up
I'm gonna seek your face on my knees
You give me all the strength I need."

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