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anthony v. hiltz - Jesus Saves - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

"Jesus Saves," is the lead single from anthony's FREE album entitled, saved - the album.

The album can be downloaded for FREE here:

Twitter: @avhiltz

anthony v. hiltz is an emcee who is passionate about using his musical gift to tell the world about Jesus! anthony has been rapping since he was 13 years old, but his life was changed in 2008 when a family member gave him a Bible and shared the love of Christ with him. anthony accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior near the end of 2008, and started to walk with Jesus. As a young Christian anthony struggled, and still was battling with sin heavily. He acknowledged Jesus as Lord with his lips, but not with his life. He was having a hard time leaving everything to follow Jesus and it wasn't until mid-2009 that anthony really started chasing after God passionately.

In the summer of 2009 anthony repented of the sins that he was still caught in, put the mic down and picked the Bible up as God gave anthony a hunger and appetite for the Word of God. God changed anthony, and gave him desires that lined up with His will. No longer did anthony want to drink, no longer did anthony want to smoke, no longer did anthony want to go out to the clubs, no longer did anthony want to pursue sex with women outside of marriage, no longer did anthony want to pursue lust, pride, evil desires and sin.......all anthony wanted was Jesus, and to pursue a relationship with the God who made him!

Through the reading of scripture, the Holy Spirit began to teach anthony how to walk with Jesus. It wasn't until October of 2010 that anthony felt the Holy Spirits lead into music ministry.

The Lord revealed to anthony (through the Scriptures - James 1:17-18) that he was supposed to use this gift of making music to tell the world about Jesus. God gave anthony a talent, and ever since he picked the mic back up in 2010 he has vowed to use this talent of rapping to give God glory through song. He now uses his gift to share the love of Christ with others and to encourage people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

To hear more about anthony's story, listen to his music. Download the album above for FREE, and hear the rest of anthony's tracks from his upcoming FREE project entitled, trust.LOVE.serve here:

p.s. Shout out to Andrew "Tys" Tyson of Tyson Films for directing this music video!!!"

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